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Supporting the development of children's communication as a social competence on the example of CMC/4D - educational programme authored by Eva Scherer.
Bogdanowicz Izabela

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Research on CMC program

2006 Eastern Institute of Technology

In 2006 our program was examined by academic researcher Jill Morganfrom EIT. Over a 15 week period, 140 students at a desile 1 school in Hastings practiced our Children Massaging Children program.

ref. Morgan, J. (2007). Children massaging children; A research project. Massage Australia, 55, 14-19.

The research showed that the program improved childrens' perception of:
1. Ability to do school work.
2. Relationship with peers.
3. Children's relationship with their fathers at home.

For a detailed report on the findings click HERE here.

2011 Auckland University of Technology

In 2011 our CMC program was again the subject of research submitted by academic researcher Jill Morgan under the A.U.T. Read research here

2012 Academy of Special Education Warsaw

In 2011 Dorota Jakubowska, a student at Academy of Special Education introduced CMC into her own child care centre Klub Malucha, "A Kuku" CMC also became the subject of her thesis. During a 3 month period, 8 children aged between 2 and 3 years old practiced CMC method tree times per week. During and after each session teachers observed the children's behaviour. There were also interviews with teachers during the process and interviews with parents at the end of the 3 months. The subject of the thesis clarified 4 aspects of the children's behaviour; 1.Children were easier to calm down, are less aggressive and they can distinguish between play and aggression behaviour.
2.Separation with parents became less painful - less tears when parents leaving say goodbye.
3.Improvement of interpersonal contact , better reaction on positive touch
4.Children develops better physically

To read the complete report on the findings click Click here

2006 Academy of Special Education Warsaw

In 2006 Katarzyna Kelm-Leka, a student of the Academy of Special Education had her practice at 'No 45 Integration' Kindergarten in Warsaw. This kindergarten has been using Children Massaging Children programme since 2003 and Katarzyna has noticed how much children enjoyed this activity. Knowing the benefits of sensory stimulation for proper brain development, Katarzyna decided to write her Masters Degree thesis on this topic.


Overseas Research

Massage decreases aggression in preschool children: a long-term study (Published in Acta Paediatrica, 2008)

Touch Research Institute - Miami USA

James W. Prescott, Ph.D

Allan N. Schore, Ph.D

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