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Children Massaging Children

For primary school age children

Supports student’s physical, emotional, spiritual and social well-being. This structured and award-winning massage lesson includes three massage techniques; back, hand and head massage.

~ program created by Eva Scherer

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Tiny Explorer (0-3 years)

Attachment building program for parentns

Parents often don’t realise that their toddler’s world is very different from theirs. With so many demands on their time and energy they struggle to be in their children’s world and give them the experiences they need.

~ program created by Zuza Scherer

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Our Vision

A society of happy and healthy people where co-operation and compassion are paramount and where children can develop freely in a safe environment.

Our mission

To create and implement touch programs that support parents, caregivers and children to make touch and sensory stimulation part of everyday lives again. To make these programs part of national curriculum and available to all.