Tiny Explorer (0-3 years) - Attachment building program for parents

Tiny Explorer will introduce benefits for children, parents, and caregivers.

Tiny Explorer has been designed for small children. It contains touch/massage and balancing games, combined with processes to stimulate all senses. It shapes and strengthens neural reward pathways in the fast growing baby's brain, making a strong and long lasting foundation for a happy life and academic achievements.


The Tiny Explorer program is a tool for parents to interact with their children in a meaningful way. Research has shown that early bonding, touch, and sensory stimulation support positive brain connections. This, in turn, will enable our children to become self-contained, happy adults - the dream of every parent.

Often something happens for us to stop touching our children and many parents find it hard to be in their children's world with so many demands on their time and energy. Sometimes parents also have issues with touch or emotional issues from childhood that stops them giving their children the experiences they need.

Once parents start doing some of the games presented in Tiny Explorer, they start bonding with their child in a different way. Their relationship changes, there is more fun in the family and the children are less prone to tantrums and other attention-seeking behaviour. Parents start to enjoy playing with their children and learn to follow their child in play.

Tiny Explorer Indoors

Tiny Explorer indoors is a combination of games, nursery rhymes, developmental movement exercises and development of all the senses. All sessions contain music, visuals, movement and touch, tasting and smelling opportunities, and lots of imagination. The sessions are concentrated around animals and their world, so the imagination is stimulated as well. Parents are invited to join their kids on the floor and in messy play. Please make sure you bring a set of spare clothes for you and your child.

Tiny Explorer Outdoors

Tiny Explorer Outdoors does not use any props - instead, it uses the natural environment to stimulate our senses. Based roughly on our outdoor version, which concentrates on animals and their world, this programme supports parents and children to bond and play together outside. We will be looking at the sky, listening to the wind, and massaging suntan lotion onto our bodies.

Tiny Explorer walks to use the beautiful environment of One Tree Hill Domain, with all its diversity, to explore our senses and our worlds. We don't always realise it, but our toddler's world is very different from ours. They see the magic in every moment and savour it, without deadlines and worries on their minds. Following our children through the amazing beauty of this park is a joy for us and our children. The programme does not use props and we have excluded tasting from these sessions.