CMC Program was a recipient of Mayoral Award for Excellence in the Community 2004!

Since 1997, CMC programmes have been presented in many places.

Some examples include

Holiday programme - Glenfield Community Centre, Mt Albert, City, Ellerslie YMCA's, Kereru Kids -Woodlands Park Primary, Blockhousebay Community Centre, Birkenhead Community Centre. several times in Pakuranga Health Camp for children, Rotary Glenfield and Northcote, Willson Home, De Paul House, Pre-Montessori kindergarten, Dutch Language school, NZ Healing Assoc. Illuminate Festival, Girl Guide Kati Kati, Centre for Conscious Awareness, Woman in Business Network

National Conferences; Massage Institute of New Zealand Inc. (MINZI)and Therapeutic Massage Assoc. AGM's, NZ Home based Early Childhood Education Assoc. AIESEC - AUT, SSPA Social Service Providers Aotearoa,

International Conferences; Soul in Education Australia Brisbane, 2nd Forum of Preschool Education - Warsaw

Master Level

Monika Mokrzyszczak - CMC Teacher in Poland

Monika Mokrzyszczak

Monika Mokrzyszczak, has run CMC courses since 2003, equipping thousands of teachers to use the CMC method with children throughout Poland. Monika Mokrzyszczak Oligofrenopedagog is a special education teacher and a coach of educational games and horseback riding instructor. Graduating from WSPS in Warsaw, Monika has been a University lecturer since 1987. From 1991 she has been the Principal of Integrative Kindergarten No.45 in Warsaw, particularly devoted to intellectually disabled children. Monika is greatly committed to working with groups that have very different needs using somatic methods.

She implements the "Developmental Movement" method of Weronica - Sherborne , Children Massaging Children programme and Horseback riding therapy. She finds that all bodywork methods bring an overwhelming positive impact on children with disabilities. Combining her passions for children and horses, Monika helped to establish the "Foundation for Disabled Children Assistance with Horseback riding therapy" as well as "Association of Educators and Animators" (KLANZA).

Level 3 - Advanced

Caroline Collins (Orewa, New Zealand)

Caroline started teaching P.E in 1998. Over time, she started to become more and more interested in the holistic aspect of exercise and she then moved into the area of Yoga. She now teaches Yoga to Adults, Kids (including kids with special needs) and to Teens.

When she completed her Kids Yoga training (Rainbow Kids) and her Yoga Therapy Course, she began to realise the importance of positive touch and this led her to Child Connection. Although she was aware of the benefits of yoga, she felt that the social aspect of positive touch was something that would be a real asset to the yogis in her classes. Having completed the "Children Massaging Children" course, she has been using the massage techniques in her Kids Classes and Teens Classes since, guiding the students to massage each other in pairs.

Caroline has noticed a significant improvement in relationships within her classes, students are demonstrating an increase in empathy for one another and the programme has helped the students overall well-being and self-esteem. The students also feel happier and more relaxed after giving and receiving a massage.

Caroline is planning on introducing this to her local primary schools as well as to the local kindergartens. She has absolutely no doubt about the positive effects of touch. She can even see the benefits in her own young children, who attend her kid's yoga class. One of her kids never wanted to share her bed with someone as she "liked her space". Now she happily shares the bed with her sister and most nights, one of their beds is left empty!

For more information about Caroline, or if you would like to contact her, please go to
or email Caroline at

Level 2 - Intermediate

Katarzyna Kelm-Leka (Warsaw, Poland)

In 2006, Katarzyna Kelm-Leka, a student of the Academy of Special Education had her practice at No 45 Integration Kindergarten in Warsaw. This kindergarten had been using Children Massaging Children programme since 2003, and Katarzyna noticed how much children enjoyed this activity. Knowing the benefits of sensory stimulation for proper brain development, Katarzyna decided to write her Masters Degree thesis on this topic.

Yoka Hermanides (Auckland, New Zealand)

Yoka gained a Diploma in Therapeutic and Sports Massage in 1998 and has had her own clinic in New Lynn for the past 14 years. She has been a massage provider for the Academy of Sports for several years. Yoka is Registered with Massage New Zealand as a Remedial Massage Therapist, and is currently Vice-President of MNZ. As well as her Massage qualifications, she gained her Yoga Teacher Certificate in 2000 and Pilates Teachers training with PIA in 2002
Yoka can be emailed at

Reah Monet (Auckland, New Zealand)

Reah is a Remedial Massage Therapist and member of Massage NZ. She began massage in 1983 and upgraded her skills and qualifications in 2007. She has worked in home based clinics in NZ and Australia and in a multi modal therapies clinic in Sydney. Reah integrates 25 years of studies in metaphysical healing techniques with massage, the creative healing arts and academic studies in teaching and music therapy. She has extensive experience working with children of all ages and abilities including the inner child of adults. Reah is also a Registered Teacher and Registered Music Therapist who specialises in helping children experiencing grief, anxiety and depression.
Reah can be contacted at

Magdalena Pliszka -Kindergarten 344 Poland

Joanna Chaber - Kindergarten 344 Poland

Dorota Liwinska - Kindergarten 146 Poland

Dorota is a graduate of Maria Grzegorzewska Academy of Special Education in Warsaw in the subject of therapeutic pedagogy, and from Teacher Training College in the subject of early childhood education. She has worked directly with children since 1985, and is currently at Kindergarten number 146 in Warsaw. Since her early age she has been actively involved with the scout's movement. She is a people person type of character. Her hobbies are Scandinavian literature and gardening.

Bozena Sienska - Kindergarten 146 Poland

Bozena is an accredited Early Childhood Education teacher with 10 years of experience and is a Graduate of Teacher Training College and Warsaw's University With a Master's degree specializing in early learning and kindergarten education. Bozena uses the CMC method at Kindergarten No 146 in Warsaw since 2013.


Izabela Michalska - Kindergarten 144 Poland

Joanna Morska - Kindergarten 412 Poland

Katarzyna Izdebska - Kindergarten 2 Poland

Level 1 - Basic

Melissa Watkins (Whakatane, New Zealand)

Melissa has a Diploma in Advanced Massage therapy Level 6, and has been a therapist for the past 7 years, based out of Whakatane. Since having her first child she has shifted her business to operate from home. She has been a member of Massage New Zealand since graduation in 2010. Along with massage she has a Diploma in Sports Management and Coaching, and enjoys putting time back in to the community by being on the squash club committee and a High School hockey coach just to name a few.

Maren Gnielka (Germany)

Maren is a German Certified Massage Therapist for therapeutic massage, and practices Hand and Foot Refloxology. After leaving Germany, she has travelled around half of the world " doing what my teacher told us to do - go and do the massage everywhere and learn "

In New Zealand, Maren does Chair Massage for several businesses, Hospice, and for older people in their homes

email Maren at

Brenda Duncan - New Zealand

Brenda has a diploma of teaching E.C.E and is a registered early childhood teacher with 33 years teaching experience. As a massage instructor specialising with children, she uses somatic methods very effectively, especially with children with learning difficulties. Brain gym helped her son tremendously.

"The human body has a very wide spectrum for self regulation and healing. Just do not be afraid to learn more holistic modalities and later play them with children. Children will love it. Do not be surprised that they will become first grade students later".

Her other passion is to teach ballroom dancing to adults.

Chantelle Ronchese (Auckland, New Zealand)

Chantelle was originally from South Africa and received her Montessori qualification in 2000. She has been working with children ever since. Since being in New Zealand she has been working in Montessori, originally teaching in Christchurch and now in Auckland. She loves working with children, and is humbled everyday by what they teach her.

Liliane Rientsma(Auckland, New Zealand)

Liliane is a Montessori teacher

Siri and Gus Simonovic (Auckland, New Zealand)

Gus Simonovic and Siri Embla Simonovic have a lifelong love for yoga, healing and the arts. Siri Embla is a qualified massage and aromatherapist (dip) as well as a Reiki master. She did her training at Wellpark College of Natural Therapies and graduated in 2009. Her Reiki grandmaster is Sandra Daubney. She is also a dancer/actor and performance artist working freelance on various projects.

Gus Simonovic gives reiki treatments, ayurvedic walking massages and is also a performance poet, public speaker, mc and event organizer. He is the driving force behind the Printable Reality project. They completed their yoga training in India at Shri Kali Ashram dedicated to teach in the classical tradition based on the knowledge from the Vedas. Passionate about holistic wellbeing they teach from the knowledge that the body, given space, has astonishing self-balancing capabilities. For more information please visit:
or email Gus at

Anna Hansson (Sweden)

Anna has been working as a nurse assistant in Sweden and Norway for thirteen years. She has been working with older people and children with various disabilities. She is now studying Social Work in Sweden at Middle Sweden University. Anna has two internships in her education. The first internship was in Stockholm, Sweden in foster care at Social Service. She found it very interesting working with families, especially with children. Anna felt that she wanted to learn more about children and families, so chose her second internship with "Child Connection Trust" and Eva agreed to be her supervisor.

She is very happy to be in Auckland to learn more about touch as a method to enhance proper brain development so later, at her work, she will be confident to use all the knowledge and skills learnt during her internship. During the CMC course she discovered that her confidence in massage strengthened, especially by receiving positive feedback from the other students. In Auckland , she intends to continue her hobbies; Yoga, gym, meditation and also take the opportunity to learn more about Maori indigenous methods of healing.

Josie Gardiner (Tauranga, New Zealand)
or email Josie at

Glenda Palmer (Hastings, New Zealand)

Glenda trained as a primary teacher with a physical education major, and taught in New Zealand, Fiji, India and the USA. She has been involved in education for forty years, most recently in the domain of massage.

Glenda trained as a massage therapist in California and on her return to New Zealand in 1986, she established the Lotus Holistic Centre in Hastings, Hawke’s Bay. This is a Private Tertiary Institution offering courses in a wide range of massage and natural therapies. Glenda has also completed the Feldenkrais training which she incorporates in her private massage practice along with acupressure and polarity (energy balancing) therapy.

She has a passion for sharing her knowledge of positive touch with adults, and is very excited to extend this to children also,through "child connection".
or email Glenda at

Claire Makirere (Hastings, New Zealand)
or email Claire at

Yvonne Harvey (Nelson, New Zealand)

Yvonne gained her NZQA & ITEC Diploma in Reflexology in 2010. She is currently a member of Reflexology New Zealand and a member of the Reflexology New Zealand Council as the membership co-ordinator. She is also registered with Massage New Zealand as a certified massage therapist and has had an ITEC Diploma in Holistic Massage since 2011. She also has a Certificate of Children Massaging Children.
She plans to implement the Children Massaging Children in the Nelson area this year, and being a part time school bus driver, she can see how many children will benefit from this programme.
Yvonne is the owner of Harmony & Balance 4 Health
or email Yvonne at

Julee Stanley (Katikati, New Zealand)

Julee is a qualified massage therapist and member of Massage New Zealand. She has trained and worked as a CranioSacral therapist (Upledger) for 15 years and has years of additional training in anatomy, physiology and developmental psychology from the University of Kentucky, USA. Julee is also a qualified homeopath in New Zealand.
Julee practices from the Katikati Midwives Clinic using an integrated holistic therapies approach with all ages to assist the correction of many types of traumatic experience that inhibit the return to vibrant health. She has a special focus on supporting the successful growth and development of infants and children within the family unit.
Julee can be reached at

Lesley Bongiovanni (Napier, New Zealand)

Lesley is a Therapeutic/Remedial Massage Therapist with more than 12 years experience. Prior to 1999, Lesley was working as a fulltime music teacher of piano, keyboard and piano accordion. In 1999 She obtained a Diploma in Massage Therapy, which included training in Reflexology, Polarity and Aromatherapy.Since then She has become a certified Practitioner of Quantum Touch. In 2010 Lesley released her first CD 'Walking the Inner Spaces', a CD of piano music for relaxation, meditation and healing. Lesley is passionate about the use of massage as a means of communicating love, acceptance and healing on many levels. This is so important for our children, as they are our future.
or email Lesley at

Toni O'Daly (Tauranga, New Zealand)

Toni is a certified Therapist who loves nothing more than helping others strive for a happy healthier wellbeing. Her skills include a deep knowledge of anatomy and physiology, training in various modalities of massage such as Relaxation, Pregnancy, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Indian Head and Chair Massage. She has followed Natural Healing with Energy Clearance for many years, and offer and incorporate this into her treatment plans. Work interests include massage and healing, supporting all our community - young people, the older adult, the Elderly, the recently bereaved and most importantly, those with chronic pain and tension.
or email Toni at

Jacky Abbott (Auckland, New Zealand)

Jacky has always been deeply interested in how life experiences and health and well-being interact with, and influence, one another and this together her own physical and emotional life challenges, has led her to dedicate herself to work with natural therapies.

She is trained in ThetaHealing, Psych-K, Reiki and BodyTalk and has completed a "Human Anatomy and Physiology" University paper which all contribute to her deep understanding and knowledge about the workings of the human body and subconscious mind.
or email Jacky at

Angelika Klot (Auckland, New Zealand)

Angelika was born in Berlin and trained as a medical laboratory technician in Germany.Always interested in alternative healing methods, she got involved in traditional Chinese Medicine and Reflexology after moving to Taiwan with her family. In 2006 Angelika moved to beautiful New Zealand where she became an advanced Practitioner of the BodyTalk System and a Reiki Master Teacher. She also holds certificates for acupuncture and acupressure, Facial and CranioSacral Release Techniques, manual Lymphatic Drainage, Crystal Healing, Ear Candling, Hot Stone Therapy, Touch for Health Kinesiology and Aromatic Kinesiology. She practices Psych-K and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) as well as Breakthrough and Mindscape which are a part of the BodyTalk System.
or email Angelika at

Miho Kodaira (Auckland, New Zealand)

Miho is a Reflexologiest, specialises in Maternity Reflexology, Foot Joint Mobilisation and Relaxation Massage

email Miho at

Mary Rogerson (Hamilton, New Zealand)

Mary completed her NZ certificate in Massage (with sports) in 2005 and then contuined full time study to complete her Diploma in Therapeutic Massage in 2007. Mary is a Remedial Massage Therapist registered with Massage New Zealand and works from Hukanui Body Therapies, a clinic in the Hamilton suburb of Chartwell.
Mary first became interested in Children Massaging Children through friends (both teachers) visiting from Sweden where children massaging each other as part of the school curriculum is common. She was delighted to discover the training offered by Child Connection and now volunteers her time introducing CMC to schools in the Hamilton area.